The Emotional Hook: How to Win Your Customers' Hearts

Imagine you’re creating a new medical device to help physicians better track patient progress. It’s loaded with new technology and cool features. You put together a strong business case. Expectations are high.

You build this revolutionary device, you bring it to market, and… nothing happens. Why? Maybe you forgot the emotional hook.

The emotional hook is what connects the desire in your customer’s heart- the emotional need — to the promise your product makes to fulfill that desire.

Take the med device described above. The emotional hook could be alleviating frustration from too much patient data that’s hard to use. Or pride in being the first to adopt the latest technology. Or relief from no longer having to delay treatment decisions.

Finding the right emotional hook requires wading into the domain of feelings and emotions, even if it's uncomfortable.

We developed this 5 step process: 1) Carefully ask the right questions of the right people (not just customers!) in order to reveal meaningful problems, unmet needs and wishes, 2) identify the key customer desires they generate, 3) map those desires back to the promise of your product, 4) determine possible emotional hooks for each desire, and 5) validate which emotional hook most resonates with each customer group’s strongest desire.

The process is as much art and creativity as it is rigorous science and solid strategy. The result is the missing ingredient — the emotional hook — that can make all the difference between failure and success!

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Moshe Engelberg, Ph.D., M.P.H.
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