How to Avoid the Dreaded "Firehose of Features" in New Product Marketing

"We're drowning them in product features. We can't just talk about everything and hope something sticks!" That's how Beth, marketing director at a large med tech company, expressed her frustration about the dreaded "firehose of features" problem.

Why do so many med tech companies drown customers with a firehose of features? Because when product managers have to be internal champions for so long to get resources, it's hard to step out of that internally-focused mindset. Then managing the demands of multiple workstreams to get to launch makes it even more difficult to think beyond features, features, features.

The good news is you absolutely can avoid firehosing your customers and instead do highly effective marketing. Start with the customer perspective. That means focus on benefits, not features, and only the ones they really value. If you're not sure what matters to your customers, do the research to find out.

Now that you have the most impactful benefits, create a storyline with emotional punch. Verify with customer research how to best express the key benefits and which storyline: a) immediately grabs attention, b) is essential to customers, c) arrests them emotionally, and d) differentiates from competitors. The results will be the foundation for successful new product marketing free of the dreaded "firehose of features."

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Moshe Engelberg, Ph.D., M.P.H.
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