New Product Innovation:
How to Determine the Winners

You are under constant pressure to rapidly bring new and better products to market. How do you know which new innovations to invest in?

Here are helpful techniques from our agile CustomerFirst Framework™ for assessing initial desirability of potential innovations.

First tackle these tough questions to make sure your innovation really matters: What meaningful problems will your product solve? What urgent needs and wants will it satisfy? What aspects of the customer experience will it improve? How will it change their lives?

Next, make sure it stands out from the competition: What is truly unique about your solution? Which differences will customers value? What alternatives are available? What else is your competition promising? What makes your solution better now?

Based on your brainstorming, would you say the innovation might: a) really matter to customers and b) meaningfully stand out from competition? If no, back to the drawing board. If yes, run your answers through our “Think vs. Know” test to reveal your underlying assumptions and identify which ones are so mission-critical that they must be validated.

Now you can move into customer research with confidence and focus. Once your assumptions are validated or corrected, you will have a much stronger business case for a solution that solves a meaningful problem and stands out in the market.

Do this across all your promising innovations, and you’ll emerge with far greater clarity and confidence which innovations are most desirable to customers, and greatly improved odds of picking winners.

Contact us to qualify for a complimentary 30-minute consultation on determining the success of your new ideas for hospitals or patients.

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Moshe Engelberg, Ph.D., M.P.H.
ResearchWorks, Inc.

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