The Customer CEO: Why customers should run your company

This presentation discusses the top 5 things that have been successfully used with clients across industries that put the customer's voice front and center, give clarity on your business strategy, and advance your customer intimacy across all parts of your organization. The end result? You advance your mission and improve your bottom line.


Faces of Medicare: Coping with Limited English Proficiency

How can well-educated policymakers better understand the realities of Limited English Proficiency?
To position Limited English Proficiency (LEP) as a human and personal issue, this award-winning video captures the stories of people with LEP in their own words, and was aired as the cornerstone of the national Advisory Panel on Medicare Education (APME) conference on LEP issues.
The policymakers applied their new understanding by providing our federal Medicare agency CMS (then called HCFA) with recommendations for communicating with the millions of older adult LEP beneficiaries in culturally relevant and effective ways.
This video program has been honored with two industry awards: a Gold Medal "Finest Award" from the Health Care Communicators (HCC) and an AMY Award for Innovative Strategy from the American Marketing Association (AMA).


Moshe Engelberg on a New Way for Employers to Market Employee Health Programs

Silicon Valley is known for game-changing innovation. But how well do the innovators motivate their employees to be healthy? In a lively, engaging, thought-provoking speech, Dr. Moshe Engelberg (Ph.D., Stanford University) challenges the audience with new ways to market employee health programs, including social marketing, so that the biggest problem will be hordes of employees breaking down the doors to the company's wellness programs!

Effective Health Promotion Strategies

Experts in the field of social marketing were brought together by the California Office of Binational Border Health to share their knowledge and help your agency achieve success. In this edition, Moshe Engelberg, Ph.D., M.P.H., Graduate School of Public Health, San Diego State University and President of ResearchWorks, discusses the essence of effective social marketing, creating a value proposition. Learn why it is so critical to your success, and how to best define your value statement to most effectively position your agency in the market. Series: "Social Marketing for Health Promotion in California and Mexico" [7/2007] [Health and Medicine] [Professional Medical Education] [Show ID: 12861]


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