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winning innovation

As decision-makers in the healthcare industry, you are faced with many critical questions. Where should you invest? Which ideas will satisfy true market needs? What can you do better than anyone else? We help you get the right answers and build a solid business case based on sound research so you gain the internal support you need.

better products and services

You’ve done your homework and know your direction. Now, how do you get the product right so customers buy it? ResearchWorks will help you connect with customers on a deeper level and enable you to design and develop better products and services…ones that customers really need and want.

“We knew we had a game-changing innovation. What we didn’t know was what features would emotionally connect with customers and sell best, or the best way to bundle and price our product. ResearchWorks helped us nail it. Bottom line, sales of almost 1 million units per year significantly surpassed our goals.”

Senior Product Manager

highly effective marketing

How do you get customers to do what you want them to do? From the headline of your ads to the look and content of your website, all your communications “talk.” We get your value proposition right, find the emotional hook, and create powerfully persuasive messages and product launches that move your audience to action.

accelerating sales

Your product is already in the market, but sales are sluggish.You’re getting pressure from above. How do you overcome obstacles and remedy underperforming sales? ResearchWorks gets to the heart of the matter to extend product life cycles and improve sales with highly effective, targeted messaging that quickly opens hearts, minds, and wallets.

“For our first product launch into a new market segment, we predicted first year sales of 6,500 units in 20 countries. With the positioning and customer messaging ResearchWorks gave us, we hit 4,000 units in one country alone in the first month. It's phenomenal to see the uptake!”

Director, Product Management

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